4 What kind of “locked finger” severity range

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Locked finger are a symptom that can be found in people. “Who use their hands. and fingers to work over a long period of time. Or people who have to work by clenching the fist regularly until it causes inflammation of the tendon sheath around the base of the finger.

Profession risk of locking fingers

  • Company employees who have to print a lot of documents type for a long time โปรโมชั่น ufabet
  • graphic designer
  • dentist
  • housewife to mop and often twist the fabric or ledge a heavy bag or bucket
  • Workers, gardeners, carpenters, craftsmen
  • Athletes who require a firm grip on equipment such as tennis, badminton and mountain biking.
  • People who like to play mobile phones, tablets that need to hold the phone firmly in hand. to keep the phone from slipping out of your hand.


lock finger

Noticeable locking symptoms There may be pain in the palm of the hand near the base of the finger. And most often there is an inconvenient finger movement, stuck or stuttering when moving the finger.

4 What kind of “locked finger” severity range should you see a doctor immediately?

Lecturer Paitoon Benjapornlert, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University Identify lingering symptoms. It is divided according to the distance as follows:

Stage 1 pain at the base of the finger. When moving But there is no interruption during finger movements.

Stage 2 starts to stumble when moving a finger. But still able to move

Stage 3 The fingers are locked, but can still be stretch out by using the other hand to help the sheep.

Stage 4 fingers are stuck until they can’t move.

lock finger treatment

Finger lock stage 1-2 

Patients can take painkillers. Reduce the use of fingers. And it can help relax your fingers by soaking in warm water for 10-20 minutes with shock wave therapy. (ultrasound+shock wave)

Finger lock stage 3-4

Your doctor may consider steroid injections. or surgery on the tendon sheath

How to prevent finger locks

Orthopedic Center Synphaet Ramintra Hospital states how to prevent finger locks as follows:

  1. Do not carry or carry things too heavy. Reduce the weight on the fingers
  2. Take a break from using your fingers periodically. while working with fingers for a long time
  3. Exercise, stretching the hand muscles.
  4. When handling tight objects such as digging, hammering, golfing, wrap a glove or soft cloth around it to reduce the pressure on your fingers.
  5. Soaking your hands in warm water in the morning will reduce the stiffness move better