5 Easy Cardio Moves You Can Do At Home: Burn Calories

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During this long stay at home, don’t let yourself eat and sleep alone. Because of the weight you can ask for So, let’s exercise with these  cardio poses. that can be done at home. Does not require a lot of space. And does not waste equipment. Cardio poses are also link to increased heart rate and blood pressure. Strengthens the heart and lungs Plus, it can also help you burn calories and lose weight!

1.Cardio: Marching in place

     Marching in place is a position where your feet are fixed. Like a parade Which is considered an easy position. To help warm up your body for cardio In addition, this pose is also great for increasing your heart rate. And if you want to increase your strength, you can speed up your foot or increase your knee lift ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

2. Cardio: Single leg stand

     The single leg stand is where one leg is raised. Then stand on one leg and hold for a moment. Then switch legs and so on. This position will help exercise the abdominal muscles as well. If you want to increase the difficulty to the next level You can raise your leg higher or use a faster way to jump from one leg to the other.

3. Cardio: Jogging in place

     Jogging in place or stationary jogging It is another simple move. That can be done at home Does not require a lot of running space Just running still It will be able to help increase the heart rate as well. Ideal as a warm-up posture to prepare for strenuous exercise.

4. Cardio posture: Air jump rope

     Air jump rope pose is similar to jumping rope. But we’re not really going to use the rope. Will use the imagination as if we were actually jumping rope instead It is a simple pose that can be done at home without the hassle of equipment. In which, during the jump, turn your hand in a circle, similar to holding a real rope.

5. Cardio: Dancing to music

     How to have fun exercise and also burn calories. I recommend dancing. Dancing is a freestyle exercise. Not limited to gestures We can move along with the music in a fun way, regardless of whether or not the posture is wrong. Which in addition to helping to burn well Can also help reduce stress as well If anyone who can not think of a position Can dance according to the recommended clips.